Security Testing

Stay in control

Through 2018, rigorous security tests will find exploitable security vulnerabilities in more than 50% of mobile apps. Through 2020, 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer's fault.

-- Gartner Strategic Planning Assumptions

QAssure offers out of the box insights and perspectives to fully understand security problem areas around 6 basic principles - confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, availability and non-repudiation. QAssure's Security Testing assesses an application's ability to:

  • Resist most attacks
  • Tolerate attacks that cannot be resisted
  • Recover within a specified time, with minimum damage
  • Generate a trail to identify the source and path of attack

Penetration Testing

Helps an organization to minimize prospective risks associated by identifying vulnerabilities from hackers and requires specialized knowledge, talent and expertise to stay ahead of evolving risks.

Application Security Testing

Ideally implemented at the beginning of the software development lifecycle, this testing service detects and fixes security weaknesses in the course of development, reducing overall cost of remedying security breaches in the long run.

Network and Social Security Testing

QAssure enables organizations gauge their security risk status and compliance with industry regulatory and information security best practices as well.

Mobile Security

QAssure's capabilities evaluates and mitigates increasing risks associated with mobile platforms effecting business consumers and organization assets. Our testing service ensures security coverage of your organization's mobile infrastructure.

Security Training

QAssure's training brings a wealth of expertise and experience from high quality consultants. Our training classes are designed to be intense, with interactive hands-on lab experience to ensure great value for the time and money invested. We offer ISECOM Training and Certification Programs:

  • OSSTMM Professional Security Tester (OPST)
  • OSSTMM Professional Security Analyst (OPSA)