Performance Engineering

Today an enterprise's mission-critical applications require system predictability when scaled up by demand under realistic stress conditions. A system may run very well with 1,000 concurrent users, but would it run just as well with 100,000?

Performance tests reveal how a system behaves and responds during various situations in terms of high speed, scalability and stability of the system – in short performance. Performance Engineering makes it possible to anticipate issues, to diagnose the root cause in the unlikely event of glitch and fix the problem quickly.

QAssure has considerable domain expertise in the field of performance engineering, provides strategy and consulting services, which includes technology selection and leverages longstanding technical alliances to enhance application and device predictability.

QAssure's experience of over a decade in optimising performance throughout the Asia Pacific region, make us the ideal choice in implementing a performance engineering strategy. Strong domain expertise and experience in application performance, operations, monitoring and managed services have made QAssure the partner of choice.

QAssure Advantage

  • Ensures an application's ability to handle expected current and future loads
  • Ensures customer satisfaction with better performance
  • Minimises IT infrastructure downtime due to performance issues
  • Reduces performance issues in the maintenance phase

IV&VS Performance Engineering Services,

  • Performance Testing
  • Client Side Performance Testing and Optimisation
  • Profiling and Diagnosis
  • Tuning and Optimisation
  • Application Benchmarking
  • E2E Application Performance Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Capacity Management
  • P3 C-Pre-production Performance Certification
  • Resilience Testing (Availability/ Fail-over/Fail-back)
  • Consulting Services (Assessment, Analysis & Validation)
  • Business Availability and Health Monitoring

Performance Tuning and Optimization

QAssure undertakes performance tuning to optimise resource utilization and resolution of bottlenecks identified during load and performance testing. This includes configuration changes to hardware, software and network components, and configuration of the application and database servers. Performance tuning may include tuning SQL queries and tuning an application's underlying code to cater to concurrency and to improve efficiency.

Integrated Performance Engineering Framework

QAssure provides an integrated framework to accelerate and augment testing by managing performance across an application's lifecycle, to help test, analyse, and validate IT performance. The framework based on best practices is platform agnostic and works with both COTS and open source tools.

Alliances with Industry Leaders

QAssure has strategic alliances with key industry tool providers like HP, Apache, Micro Focus, RadView and Neotys to name a few. Tools we use include but are not limited to: Load Runner, JMeter, Silk Performer, WebLOAD and NeoLoad. QAssure has also invested in establishing a Performance Engineering Center of Excellence that constantly monitors industry requirements, identifies tools and benchmarks them.

Performance Testing Platform

QAssure’s inhouse performance tool for load, endurance, stress and smoke testing helps in developing, modifying and executing performance scripts. The platform comes integrated with an instrumentation dashboard for profiling performance issues and provides code/query level details that affect performance. The tool's inbuilt AI provides recommendations on performance bottlenecks based on global standards and past history. The platform facilitates reuse of performance test scripts for specific releases based on the number of users, duration, iterations, etc.

Performance Testing of ERP/CRM Solutions

QAssure has significant experience in performance testing for complex ERP and CRM solutions. As these packages constantly evolve based on business requirements, performance testing is essential at every stage of rollout and upgrade to ensure system integrity. QAssure has highly experienced business consultants and domain experts readily available to handle a variety of performance testing across industries.

Implementation Success

QAssure's performance testing approach helps a leading wealth management firm integrate legacy applications of an acquisition with its ERP backbone using an open source tool to ensure performance with over 8,000 concurrent users. The firm reduced over 15% in effort with the application of tools and accelerators, test coverage increased by 20%. Tool licenses were optimized through integrated performance verification and engineering. The client also experienced incremental effort reduction through reusability of test scenarios across applications.