The insurance industry across the world is faced with deregulation, Mergers & Acquisitions and convergence of financial services. Deregulation has resulted in newer processes, procedures and rules. The increasing trend of Mergers & Acquisitions has not only resulted in increased competition, but has brought the need to unify systems built on diverse platforms to the forefront.

Insurers are expected to handle large volumes of business while providing quick and accurate services to customers across various business cycles such as Underwriting, Policy Distribution and Administration, Billing, Claims Processing etc. Ineffectiveness in any area may cause major financial setbacks to the business.

QAssure helps eliminate business process inconsistencies across multiple systems and products by testing applications to identify and fix all defects. QAssure ensures the applications core functionality, stabilizes the system and creates a regression test bed so that future upgrades are managed seamlessly.


A dedicated testing team has the relevant insurance domain expertise and provides customers with an overall testing experience of speed, efficiency and quality. QAssure has accumulated a broad knowledge of the insurance industry, covering health, personal property, liability, automobiles, mortgages and more.

Advantages of QAssure Testing Services

  • Focused testing practice with expertise in
    • Policy Administration
    • Underwriting
    • Billing
    • Claim Processing
    • Compliance
    • Reporting
  • Indigenously developed reusable test frameworks
  • Test consultancy services to address specific issues

QAssure has worked with an award winning market leader in investment linked plans with funds over SGD 8.2 billion under their management. The customer serves the needs of 740,000+ policyholders with over 1.8 million policies.