Software developed for public sectors, and especially government, has a unique context and objectives derived from public service; with its imperative of providing public goods and ensuring equity and social justice. It is well known that private and commercial actions have very different context, motives and considerations than public actions.

Public Sector guiding principles include working towards ensuring universal access to basic facilities and resources such as public education, public health provisions, employment nets etc, to address structural issues of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition / ill health, unemployment etc..

QAssure has managed several government/public sector software testing projects and has a keen understanding of the critical role it plays in providing the undertakings 3rd party verification and validation services.

Advantages of QAssure Testing Services

  • Readily available knowledge repository, tool repository and reusable test cases
  • Test consultation for optimal performance
  • Test automation solutions
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Continuous improvement initiatives


QAssure has supported a government organisation with 38,500+ employees in identifying the root cause for poor response times in critical business functions and remedying them. QAssure undertook to run load tests of all critical business functions and analyse resource utilization of all the servers. Several users were unable to login to a multi-user application. By increasing the maximum number of connections between hosts to server the response time of the users increased manifold.