ERP Testing

Evolving with Enterprise Demands

QAssure offers industry specific business knowledge and testing capabilities across the lifecycle of most ERP platforms from - implementation, rollout, upgrade, support and maintenance - through tools and accelerators, and pre-packaged solutions. QAssure provides organizations with an objective validation of application functionality and reliability vis-a-vis business requirements. A core testing team tests the base ERP software with its static functionalities.

An implementation testing team tests the implementation project with dynamic and customized functionalities. The implementation of ERP systems requires various forms of system testing, multiple user acceptance testing, multiple levels of performance and load testing with millions of “live test data” from the existing systems which needs to be imported to the new ERP system.

QAssure's unbiased and robust pre-production testing minimizes the risk of costly disruptions during implementation arising out of application errors. QAssure leverages in-depth expertise of robust, proven test processes and methodologies, proven manual and automated test suites and optimum tool setup and usage to ensure near zero application risk.

QAssure Advantages

  • Strong alliances with industry-leading ERP vendors
  • Tightly aligned with specific Application Implementation Methodologies (AIM)
  • In-house developed platform agnostic industry-specific test accelerators & tools
  • Robust, proven test processes & methodologies
  • Proven manual and automated test suites
  • Optimum tool setup and usage