Core Testing

Refining the competitive edge

QAssure's Core Testing Services are offered as a seamless extension to your IT and business testing capabilities. Our Core Testing Services address the basic testing needs of your organization - functional testing, regression testing, failure/recovery testing and test automation.

Functional Testing

QAssure's approach to functional testing covers both requirement and business process-based testing. We verify that each function of the software application operates in accordance with the written requirement specifications. Our testing covers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and Command Line Interfaces (CLIs).

Regression Testing

QAssure undertakes regression testing by accurately selecting the right test cases for - frequent defects, critical functions, highly visible functions, verification of core product features, functionalities with recent changes, complete integration, complexity, boundary values, samples of success and failure.

Progression Testing

QAssure provides testing of new features and functionality in new builds to see if they function properly, according to specifications provided by the developer to ensure that any previously existing functionality or program stability has not been comprised.

Failure & Recovery Testing

QAssure's Failure and Recovery Testing verifies a products ability to confront and successfully recover from possible failures, arising from software bugs, hardware failure or communication problems (eg. network failure). Testing involves validating the last point where the integrity of the system was known and reprocessing transactions up to the point of failure.