Cloud & Network Testing

Sustain Change

QAssure helps both cloud providers and consumers with uniquely comprehensive solutions, providing an assurance of the trustworthiness and shortened application migration cycles. QAssure's experience in cloud testing, will accelerate both cloud transformation with thorough testing that assures safety and security across all layers of the cloud.

QAssure's Cloud and Network Testing Practice provides comprehensive test services that cover all service categories and cloud deployment models.

QAssure Provides

  • Well defined QA strategy and assessment processes
  • Proven cloud-based tools and frameworks
  • Ready-made test packs and automation
  • Optimized and accelerated QA
  • Certified and skilled consultants

Cloud Ready Testing

QAssure's testing covers key test areas like functional integrity, performance, scalability, availability and security across all 3 layers of the cloud - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, to provide a comprehensive assurance to organizations.

Cloud Service Delivery Testing

QAssure ensures service delivery readiness of cloud service delivery platforms to a cloud providers consumer. Test coverage includes functional, performance, availability and most importantly security aspects of the provider over all infrastructure, platform and application layers of cloud with a broad spectrum of tools.

Network Testing

QAssure's comprehensive network testing via a well-defined and properly implemented network testing strategy will help network managers predict the operation of the network. This insight allows network managers to predict network operations under a given load, or anticipate problems created by new services and determine the need for bandwidth increases.

IaaS Testing

QAssure's Infrastructure-as-a-Service Testing provides enterprises that have adopted Software Defined Infrastructures with the keen edge required to ensure that their applications and services run smoothly. QAssures ensures that the remote/vitual environment setup, provisioning and configuration is to specific needs and the billing is based on your usage.

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