Robotic Process Automation

Future Workforce

Robots have played an important role in manufacturing and production. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the application of technology to manipulate and interpret existing processes, helps operate multiple applications simultaneously. RPA has changed software making it possible to improve efficiency and to streamline a myriad of activities. Tactically focused RPA projects improve quality and decrease activity cycle times by assisting or removing labour in or from activities. The benefits add up quickly - employees can focus on higher-level work, rather than repetitive tasks; the potential for human error is completely eliminated; productivity increases as cycle and transaction times fall; business analytics are more robust and easily accessible. QAssure is among the front runners in the adoption of RPA. Working closely with clients over the past decade across various industries and domains has lent keen insights into the application of RPA to enhance efficiency, reliability and repeatability. QAssure has developed software robots that are currently in use for a leading bank. QAssure looks at the robots deployed as an extension of the workforce, a virtual workforce that is structured by talent.


For replicating and performing complex actions of a human workforce

This category of robots is capable of executing multi-step processes typically seen in banking, finance, securities and insurance industries, government and education.

For integration with complex automation and multisystem dependent processes across environments

These robots identify repeatable, processes using API-level integrations, and create workflows that are then shared with executing robots.

For working with unstructured data and capable of making decisions

This part of the virtual workforce builds logic and intelligence, adapting to rules as they evolve - maintaining robotic efficiency and zero error rates.

By 2020, automation and artificial intelligence will reduce employee requirements in business shared service centers by 65%.

Source: Gartner,
12 October 2016
by Cathy Tornbohm

Irrespective of how an application is presented - terminal emulator, thick client, thin client, web browser and web services, QAssure can automate it. QAssure supports advanced automation techniques including image recognition, automatic handling of form layout changes of third party applications, and allows advanced data processing by leveraging extensions developed in-house or from third party providers.

Services include

  • Identifying processes that are best suited to Robotic Process Automation
  • Providing skills and role-based training
  • Encouraging organization-wide recognition and adoption
  • Establishing the benefits case for Robotic Process Automation
  • Defining the best practice approach for process configuration
  • Implementing infrastructure, governance and support frameworks


QAssure implemented a RPA solution that increases the number of daily transactions by 260%, reduces transaction time per record from 13 minutes to 3 minutes and enabled redeployment of 60% of manpower utilized for a leading APAC bank's back office support activities. The applications involved were across various technology platforms - Java, Mainframe, Windows, C++ and .NET. QAssure’s RPA solution leveraged VB scripting and Excel VBA to achieved 100% end-to-end automation without any dependency.