Cyber Forensics

As pioneers in cyber forensic investigations, QAssure's Cyber Forensics Practice gives you the ability determine if an investigation is warranted. We have already provided consultation in high-profile cases - theft of intellectual property, insolvency & fraud, misconduct, theft of trade secrets, white-collar crime, in addition to business and commercial litigation.

Our support will help you in preparing evidence scientifically following industrial standards that capture and analyze information stored in any electronic format. QAssure's innovative ideas and capabilities enhance your ability to identify, respond, investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate in both internal and external cases.

Our forensic services cover all digital devices and include acquiring/retrieving data from a wide variety of devices via comprehensive disk-level or cloud and network investigation. Our flexible reporting framework helps produce extensive, customized case reports on findings.

Cyber Forensics

Computer/Disk Drive Forensics

QAssure analyses computer hard drives on workstations, servers, laptops etc., to retrieve data that is deleted or otherwise destroyed by a user including email, photographs, erased documents, internet browsing activity, computer usage habits and tracking of printing and copying. We are equipped to work with law firms across the country on cases ranging from patent litigation too criminal defence.

Cloud & Network Forensics

Unlike other areas of digital forensics, network investigations deal with volatile and dynamic information. Cloud computing architecture presents specific challenges in network forensics as the technology offers services to clients remotely from a shared pool of resources. QAssure monitors and analyzes cloud and network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection.

Corporate Investigations

Our experts help organizations with their critical fact finding when they need to conduct internal investigations or to examine allegations of wrongdoing. Whether or not actual misconduct is discovered, such inquiries, and their aftermath, can pose serious risks to companies and their stakeholders, damaging their reputation, disrupting their business operations and exposing them to government scrutiny, as well as to potential criminal, civil and regulatory liability.

Malware Forensics

QAssure's expertise in malware forensics is used to support the investigation of incidents. QAssure examines systems to find malicious code, determine how it got there, and what changes it caused on the system. Our objective is to pave the path for proactive and reactive handling of incidents via preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery and lessons learned. QAssure takes two approaches to malware forensics - static and dynamic analysis.

Incident Response Audits

QAssure undertakes the complete assessment of your organization’s state of forensic readiness, procedural planning and improvement recommendations. We develop effective policies and procedures from scratch or fine tune your existing process, to keep you proactive for litigations.

Email and Social Media Forensics

Over 100 trillion emails are sent a year, making it a crucial evidentiary component in nearly every case litigated today. QAssure tracks email, authenticates messages are not tampered with or forged and recovers deleted messages from servers, laptops, desktops, database applications, document repositories, contact managers, time managers, calendars and other evidentiary sources.

Digital Forensics Training

Both Corporate and Government agencies require trained media exploitation specialists to recover key intelligence from the cyber space. QAssure's team of digital forensic professionals provides incident response and media exploitation training to prepare analysts to investigate digital crimes like fraud, insider threats, industrial espionage, employee misuse, and computer intrusions.